Jul 3, 2012 3:26 PM

RAW VIDEO: Playful bobcats caught on camera by News 4 Tucson viewer

TUCSON - Forget about TomKat - check out these bobcats!

News 4 Tucson viewer Cindy Rinehart took these great videos of two baby bobcats and their mother playing in her backyard in the Tucson Mountains.

Cindy says the two kids enjoyed playing around one particular potted plant - she may end up having to replace it, but she doesn't mind.

With temperatures rising, bobcats and other desert animals may make their way into your yard, looking for water, shade and food. According to the Arizona Game and Fish Department, bobcats rarely attack people. If a bobcat does attack, it is generally a symptom of rabies.

If you see a bobcat, "you may choose to watch and enjoy a bobcat or bobcat family sharing your yard," the AZGFD states on its website. "However, if you have small pets or livestock, you may want to discourage the bobcat from coming onto your property. Remember, your neighbor may think differently, and it is always a good idea to keep wildlife wild."

Loud noises or a garden hose are good ways to scare off a bobcat immediately. If the bobcat is still confined in your yard or can't get out, contact a wildlife control business or the Arizona Game and Fish Department.

For more information on removal services and procedures, check out the AZGFD's bobcat information page:



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