Jun 4, 2012 8:29 PM

Rash of burglaries hits midtown shopping center

TUCSON - A rash of recent burglaries has some local small business owners looking for answers.

The string of burglaries has been happening at the Campbell Fair Shopping Center at Ft. Lowell and Campbell. At least four businesses report being hit, some more than once.

Most of the places have been in the shopping center for years, but the owners said the break-ins are new.

Quan Le is the owner of Classy Nails. He said, "We have never had problems in the past 10 years. It just happened within a year. Three times."

Rosie Nelson is one of the managers at Good Feet. She said, "We've had 3 break ins within 6 weeks."

Le said the suspects are just throwing rocks through the window and walking right in. He still had the rock to prove it.

Suspects are targeting laptops, TV's, and cash. It's some pricey stuff, but workers said the feeling they get after a break in, is way worse.

Nelson said, "It gets a little scary and stressful sometimes coming in and seeing the shattered glass everywhere and not knowing what happened other than a break in."

Le said, "You don't feel safe in your own business. You feel like privacy is invaded."

And trying to get back to normal is where the cost really comes in. Nelson said, "It can get costly. Having to close the store for awhile, clean up, and get glass out of the carpet. It's just not good." Le added, "Every time something like this happens, you have to fix them and it costs thousands of dollars."

For small businesses a thousand bucks could make a big difference.

Businesses said they're trying to do what they can to prevent future break ins. Some have put in bars on the windows, more lights, and security systems. A few businesses had alarms set up but that didn't seem to stop the suspects from stealing a few items and getting away.

They want to see an arrest made because most of them believe the suspect or the suspects doing it are responsible for all the thefts in the entire shopping center.


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