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Randolph All-Stars headed to Arizona State Tournament

TUCSON - It took an extra day but the Randolph All-Stars are headed to the State Tournament following Saturday night's win at Freedom Park.

"We just came out and we were the better team today," said infielder Carlos Carranza.

17 runs in four short innings proved that Saturday night as Randolph stunned American for the District 12 title.

"All of us had confidence and when everyone was scoring it was picking us up," said Carranza. "When we got those insurance runs it was bringing our confidence up even more. We played hard and we won."

"It's so exciting," added Raymond Carrasco. "Our team came and we battled. Everyone worked as a team, as a family.

"That's what Randolph does."

One thing Randolph doesn't do, at least in recent years, is qualify for the Regional level. But this group of kids is on a mission, ending a drought that's lasted far too long.

"It's awesome. Randolph hasn't been there in a long time so we're happy to represent," said Carrasco.

The weekend was a time for celebration, but the journey continues. And with a potential trip to the World Series on the line it's back to work for a motivated bunch of ball players.

"We have to get our pitching back and we need to work as a family again like we did in this game," Carrasco said. "If we work as a family like this, nobody can beat us."

"It would be awesome," added Carranza. "All of us would get to meet new people, make new friends and be on TV.

"All of us would have a lot of fun."


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