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Jul 23, 2010 9:25 PM

Ranchers looking for more help on border

TUCSON - It's been four months since the murder of Cochise County rancher Robert Krentz and his neighbors are speaking out about the response made along the border.

The murder put the ranching community and the nations border problems in the spot light and ranchers were hoping the tragedy might mean changes; changes some of them are still waiting to see.

Cochise County rancher Gary Thrasher said, "I'm frustrated. I thought they could get something done a whole lot quicker than what they are. I thought they could move more people to the border with a simple stroke of a pen."

Steve Brophy, the President of the Arizona Cattle Growers Association said, "Enough hasn't been done and it needs to be."

And some of them said because the response hasn't changed neither has the foot traffic coming through.

Patrick Bray the Executive Vice President of the Arizona Cattleman's Assoc. said, "The sad thing is that we're over a hundred days out from the murder of Robert Krentz and these guys say its status quos. Nothing has changed."

But not all ranchers agree. Kelly Glenn-Kimbro was lucky enough to have the border patrol become her new neighbors. She said, "We now have a forward operating base that is right up the road from the ranch and then we also have a special operations base on the ranch that is border patrol special ops and we have a tower on the ranch."

She said its helping and just having them there makes her feel safer, but she'll be the first to tell you it's still not enough.

Ranchers said they welcome the new National Guard troops but would love to see plenty more. Thrasher said, "The more people we have out here working on it the better off we'll be."

And they're hoping all the recent attention will bring them just that, more people.


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