Aug 22, 2012 12:27 AM by Rebecca Taylor

Rainwater harvesting incentive program

TUCSON - All the rain in Southern Arizona is a dream come true for water harvesters.

Their tanks are filling up, helping keep water bills low. There are other benefits too.

As an incentive to collect and use rainwater, the City of Tucson is offering rebates on water harvesting systems.

Homeowner Michael Zurovec purchased his first tank three years ago, now he's up to six.

"I love it, it alleviates your water bill," says Zurovec, "also allows us to grow a lot of vegetables where if we use city water we couldn't grow as much because the water bills would be too high."

Jason Mcholm owns Southern Arizona Rain Gutters. He says systems start at $400. A screen and filter keeps it free of debris and mosquitoes.

He says plants love it because it's soft, and chemical free. "So you can just pick it up, stick it on your garden, turn hose on, and water your garden with rainwater."

Rainwater can also be used for washing the car, showering, flushing the toilet, the washing machine, and even drinking if treated.

Zurovec says, "I've known people who will actually use it twice. Harvest it first, then have it pumped into their house they'll wash clothes with it and pump it back out as grey water."

Southern Arizona Rain Gutters, along with Tucson Water are holding informational workshops about the rebate program.

Here's the link for more information http://www.sargwatersolutions.com/tucson-water-harvesting-rebate.html


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