Jul 19, 2014 8:09 PM by Nathan O'Neal

Protests continue in Oracle over migrant children shelter

ORACLE, Ariz. - Protesters camped out near a former boys' school which currently has plans to temporarily house roughly 40 Central American children.

Earlier this week, hundreds of protesters on both sides of the debate took to the streets near a planned temporary shelter for migrant children. A much more modest group of protesters set up along the road on Saturday in opposition of the plan.

"I've got a group of loyal supporters here. We have the right under the constitution of peaceful assembly and that's exactly what we're doing... we're not trying to pick a fight with anybody," said Robert Skiba, an Oracle resident who is critical of the federal government's handling of the crisis. His biggest concern is that the feds have kept tight-lipped about the plans to house roughly 40 migrant children at the site.

"Nobody is talking to us. We don't' know if these kids are going to school in Oracle," Skiba said, adding: "My government owes the people of Oracle the opportunity to sit down and discuss in a very reasonable way what is happening."

Oracle is a small, tight-knit community but stands divided on the issue.

There's even a "campaign of hearts" embraced by many in the community to welcome the children.

"It's a complex issue. We've got security issues versus humanitarian issues," said Michael Moore, an Oracle resident. "Congress had better get off their rear end and do something about it."

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