Jun 16, 2014 10:50 PM by Lupita Murillo

Protesters want asylum for migrant children

NOGALES - The story has gained attention from all over the world. The influx of migrant children crossing the border from Central America continues. They are being bused to a holding center in Nogales.

Today, volunteers of the Kino Border Initiative stood in front of the processing center to protest. The detention facility is about three miles from where the volunteers feed, clothe, and give medical attention to individuals who have been deported to Mexico.

Norma Price with Tucson Samaritans said, "we object to the incarceration of small children without adequate provisions for people who know how to take care of children."

Amy Beth Willis from the South Side Presbyterian church holds a sign asking Asylum for the children. She told News 4 Tucson, she just left "El Comedor" or dining room where those who've been deported are taken care of.

She said she spoke to people from Central America. "These children are fleeing the same kind of violence and poverty. It's driving them to come here so there's no reason they should be deported back to these places where they might be killed so they should be able to stay to rejoin their families, many have family here."

For many of these children it's impossible for them to get visas. "If they don't have family here legally there's no way they can get a visa," added Price, but for Willis it's not about immigration it's about human rights.


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