Nov 30, 2010 12:29 AM

Protect your plants and pipes in freezing temps

TUCSON - With below freezing temperatures expected overnight, local shops are giving advice on how to save your pipes and your plants in the cold.

Naughton's always advises to wrap your exposed pipes with foam or rubber insulation in the cold temperatures. They say when the water inside the pipes freezes, it expands causing the pipe to burst.

Naughton's owner and president, Frank Naughton, says depending on the damage, a burst pipe can cost hundreds or thousands.

"A lot of the older homes especially in town, if they're exposed to those elements and not insulated, they're going to expand and then boom...there you go," Naughton said.

For your outdoor plants, Silverbell Nursery recommends you cover frost sensitive plants with blankets, sheets, or even Christmas lights. Matt Smit at Silverbell says the lights put off just enough heat to keep the plants warm.

"Most plants essentially don't have time to start shutting down so they can be more prepared for that kind of cold," Smit said.

He does advise to never use plastic tarps or covers because the cold plastic can actually burn the plants.


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