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May 19, 2010 2:35 PM

Prop 100 opponents react to sales tax passage

TUCSON - Preliminary results indicate the one cent sales tax has passed.

Folks against prop 100 say it's a terrible time to raise taxes on families and businesses already struggling.

Opponents of 100 did not hold a campaign party Tuesday evening, but News 4 did get reaction from founding members of the Association of Taxpayers, John Kromko and Richard Bayse.

Both feel Arizona government should be run more efficiently, without balancing the budget on the backs of taxpayers.

They also support education, but feel prop 100 is a trick, and worry money designated for schools, health and public safety will eventually be used elsewhere.

"I would just hope the citizens of Arizona keep a close watch on the legislature and see that they don't subsequent to this vote, pass a corporate tax cut that takes away as much revenue as we're being taxed to generate revenue," said Bayse.

Kromko says, "I think we have to work to change the tax structure in Arizona because this doesn't get us out of the woods at all, this just takes care of like 1/3 of the deficit. That's one of the reasons I was hoping it would fail."


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