Aug 2, 2012 11:13 PM

Professor responds to threats

TUCSON - A University of Arizona Professor says he will not be threatened when it comes to speaking out against those who disagree with Mexican American studies.

Dr. Roberto Rodriguez says he received death threats in response to his involvement with the Mexican American studies program at TUSD.

"In May 2011, I received three voice mail messages on my campus phone; all were vicious and full of anti-Mexican diatribes," Rodriguez said.

TUSD's controversial Mas Program, has people on both sides. Some say it teaches violence, while others say officials are trying to hinder a group from learning about their struggles and heritage.

Attorney General Tom Horne said he may not agree with Rodriguez on many issues, but he spoke out at a news conference on Thursday morning, urging the police to prosecute these cases.

"Death threats are illegal and should be prosecuted," Horne said, "I certainly urge anyone who agrees with me to refrain from anything like that".

One man has been arrested and faces misdemeanor charges for the crime. The news conference took place just days before the trial.


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