Reporter - Tom McNamara

Jul 15, 2014 11:28 PM

Pro baseball's 'working poor' sue over pay

Minneapolis -As baseball's one-percent gather in Minneapolis Tuesday for the 85th All-Star Game, the sport's working poor are driving forward with a novel, quite possibly historic lawsuit in San Francisco.

The class action suit, brought on behalf of minor leaguers for all 30 Major League teams, alleges violations of federal law requiring fair wages and overtime. Filed in February, and twice expanded ahead of a September hearing, Senne vs. MLB portrays minor league baseball players as the game's exploited underclass. They toil year-round with no overtime, unpaid extra assignments, and no right to switch teams or renegotiate, the lawsuit alleges. In exchange, they get a maximum starting salary of $5,500-a sum far below minimum wage.

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