Sep 27, 2012 10:31 AM by Nichole Szemerei

Prices at the Pump 9/27

Gas prices have answered my calls! Check out the video to see how.

Also, I got a viewer question on our KVOA facebook page that may help many of you in your search for the cheapest gass near you:

ROD CORMIER: "Love your early News I do have a question though. Why are all the gas prices lower on the West side of town? I live on the east side of town are there any over this way that have lower prices as well?"

NICHOLE/KVOA: "Thanks for watching, Rod! I always give the absolute cheapest prices around town, and yes, they do tend to be in the same area. Gotta love gas prices! The only station I see even close to the east side with reasonable prices is an ARCO station at Park Ave & Benson Hwy, $3.47. The Valero stations seem to be the cheapest in your area coming in around $3.50. Check out our website and you can type in your address to find the lowest spots on a daily basis near you. Hope this helps!"


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