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Jul 9, 2012 9:17 PM

Preparing for the DNS changer virus

TUCSON - If you suddenly lost internet access Monday, it's likely because your computer is infected with the DNS changer virus.

The bug originally hit more than a year ago. It redirected computers to fake servers and even disabled antivirus software.

The FBI arrested the hackers last year and set up special computers to keep people from going offline, all at once. Monday, those special computers were shut down leaving about 300,000 computers without protection.

If your computer has the virus it would mean no internet at all meaning no things like Facebook, Google, or YouTube.

To some, it's a nightmare, but computer experts said it doesn't have to be even if you've already lost internet.

When the virus first hit, millions of computers were infected. Since then, computer companies and some proactive users have fought back. The number of those infected dropped significantly.

Mike Swanson is the owner of Arizona Computer Guru. He said, "Considering there's somewhere around a billion computers on the planet. It's really not a huge ratio. It's estimated that there's about 2,000 in Arizona. Still not a huge number."

If your computer is infected you're not doomed. You can fix it yourself even if you're not a computer guru. Swanson said, "It's very simple to fix if you know what you're doing. We were even offering to help people fix it over the phone. Just to get them back on line."

The virus has made things a little busier for the guys at Arizona Computer Guru, but not so much with the really technical work, just simple work over the phone.

Swanson said, "It can be done. A phone call away. You can call us and we'll tell you how to change your DNS settings. I'm sure there are other places in town doing that as well."

There is some good news that has come out of this virus. All the attention that has come for this bug has led to a lot of people upgrading their software or at the very least listening to their computers and actually allowing the updates. That not only helps fight this virus but all the other ones out there too.


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