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May 24, 2012 9:00 PM

Pool inspections help save lives

TUCSON - Keeping little swimmers safe is our number one priority this swim season.

So far this year in Pima County three kids had water related accidents. Kristi' Kids News 4 Tucson Lifesavers Program has information to prevent these accidents.

If you have a back yard pool you can have the area inspected by professionals who know the potential problems to look for.

Mark Jackson thought it was good idea. Rural/Metro Fire came to the house Mark's family just move into.

Mark has 4 kids to watch over the youngest, Gabriel, is two. When it comes to water safety they worry most about little Gabriel.

"We found how frequent it happens here in Arizona and that concerned us."

New to Arizona, this is the first house the Jacksons have had with a pool.

"We were just concerned because some of the houses that we had looked at here in the state," says Mark. "One in particular had a drowning incident of a kid this age."

So Mark is not taking any chances. He wanted someone else to look things over. Capt. Grant Cesarek from Rural Metro Fire led the inspection when Kristi's Kids was there.

"We do have a really good bar spacing to where we have less than 4 inches set up in here," Cesarek explains as he checks the item off the list. "And what this is so that a child can't squeeze themselves through that bar area."

He looks for things that might not be obvious to you but first responders see every day.

"It might be the things that we've learned over our career. The spots where, 'fix this and it's going to help' so we don't have that type of an emergency."

Sure enough Capt. Cesarek spots a problem with the gate.

"On this particular door you might need to just do a little bit of work on that spring. Just to make sure that it does close a little bit quicker."

He also says, "Any place there's water, a child could drown." This includes mop buckets, storage bins and even large water bowls for dogs; any place where water is able to collect. Toddlers learning to walk are top heavy so it is easy for them to fall into such containers and difficult to get out.

If you're a Rural/Metro subscriber and want to have things checked out at your home, call them at 297-3600 to schedule an appointment.


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