May 27, 2011 1:06 PM

"Pink Car" thieves identified and cited

WALKER - The saga of the stolen "Pink Car" has come to a close - four Prescott High School students have been cited for their role in stealing and defacing the Walker, Arizona landmark.

On May 24, the owner of the property at Pink Car Hill Road and Walker Road reported the theft of the engineless 1930's sedan that has served as a landmark for the small town for decades. According to the Yavapai County Sheriff's Office, neighbors have maintained the car over the years, repainting it pink to maintain the unique color scheme.

A witness reported seeing the car in a trailer, covered in a blue tarp, being towed by a white pick-up truck at about 5 p.m. on May 24.

On May 26, YCSO deputies were notified that the Pink Car was in the Prescott High School parking lot. The body had been defaced with graffiti tags, and YCSO deputies began working with Prescott Police to identify suspects in the vandalism.

Today, deputies identified six suspects, all Prescott High School students, who were responsible for removing the Pink Car from its resting place and defacing it with spray painted writings and graphics, many of which were profane and vulgar in nature, YCSO officials say.

Four suspects over 18 were cited for charges including Theft and Criminal Damage, and two suspects under 18 received juvenile contact referral notices. Several students who had limited involvement were not cited - they were cooperative with deputies and claimed it was part of a high school graduation prank.

Prescott Unified School District personnel at the school bus maintenance facility have offered to help restore the Pink Car to its former glory, YCSO officials say. Walker Fire Department volunteers have agreed to donate pink paint.

The owner of the property says he plans to affix the vehicle to a concrete foundation.


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