Sep 12, 2012 5:39 PM

Pima County Sheriffs check in on registered sex offenders

TUCSON - Pima County Sheriff's detectives conducted a Sex Offender Compliance Check on Sunday September 9, checking the status of 62 registered sex offenders and labeling three as absconders after their data was found to be outdated.

According to a news release from Pima County Sheriff's Department, the check was funded through a federal grant by the U.S. Department of Justice Child Sexual Predator Program, and involved 28 detectives conducting face-to-face contact and interviews with household members or neighbors to verify the status of 62 registered offenders in unincorporated areas of Pima County.

Forty-eight of the offenders were found to be in compliance with their obligations, and their residency information was found to be accurate, the release states. Three of the checks revealed that the data submitted to PCSD was outdated, and the registrants no longer lived at the addresses on record. They were labeled as absconders.

In the remaining cases, further follow-up investigations will be conducted, as detectives did not collect sufficient evidence to confirm the offenders were in compliance.


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