Mar 8, 2013 7:03 PM by Erika Flores

Pima County OneStop facing cuts

TUCSON-Pima County OneStop is preparing for cuts to some of its programs.

They retrain more than 1,400 people a year to learn new skills to jumpstart their careers, but sequestration cuts are slashing their budget.

Gene Windels has a clear vision of what job he wants.

"I'm looking for cashier work mostly or restaurant work," said Windels.

He just needs the resources to get him there.

"One thing I need to take is a class about writing a resume," said Windels.

Windels has been without a steady job for over a year.

"You've got to keep looking, keep beating the bushes," said Windels.

But if he can't find one soon, he'll have to learn a whole new set of skills to find a different type of job.

Jim Mize with Pima County OneStop said getting into a training program with Pima County OneStop will get harder due to sequestration cuts.

"It's going to clearly impact that group of people that's not going to get training because what the employers are looking for today is not necessarily people but a trained workforce," said Mize.

Mize said OneStop is preparing for a 5.1 percent cut.

Mize said they may have to turn down over 100 people who apply for their training programs next fiscal year.

Mize said this summer's youth program could be facing cuts as well.


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