Jul 24, 2014 9:21 PM by John Patrick

Pima Animal Care Center's tent tested in sweltering heat

TUCSON - As the temperatures rise, so does the concern for the dogs inside Pima Animal Care Center's adoption tent.

The first test of PACC's adoption tent was to take in over 100 dogs but its new test is to stand up to over 100 degree heat.

Since the construction of the $400,000 dollar tent earlier this year it has withstood heavy rains and high winds but according to Justin Gallick with PACC, it's the near record heat that's been a constant battle.

"Because of the temperature we've added additional cooling units and fans to keep the air circulated," explained Gallick.

The center is sitting close to capacity, housing nearly 800 animals and they still take in nearly 60 a day. On days like today, the temperature inside the tent can hit 90 degrees but Gallick said the dogs they choose to house in the tent are fit for these conditions.

With plenty of water and out of the beating sun it's better for the dogs than the 110 degree temperatures outside.

"We've had dogs come in completely sunburned with their back basically blistered and we've had to provide medical treatment to them to the adoptable point," said Gallick.

If you would like to adopt a pet PACC is running specials through the end of this month. For more information visit their website here.


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