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PHOTOS: Remembering the Yarnell 19

PRESCOTT - Nineteen men made the ultimate sacrifice on June 30, while battling a devastating wildfire. Today, a nation remembers them.

Final picture Andrew Ashcraft sent to his wife.

The Prescott 19 were members of the Mountain Granite HotShot crew and were fighting a wildfire in Yarnell when the flames became too much. The firefighters were young men with wives, children, and a bright future ahead of them. Brendan McDonough, the lone survivor of the incident, will speak at the memorial service on Tuesday morning where they are expecting over 20,000 mourners. Firefighters from accross the state will attend today's service as well.

The Prescott 19 made their final journey home on Sunday where thousands gathered to pay their respects despite the hot weather.

Photo: Bonnie Carver

Photo: Tom Kelly

Photo: Tom Kelly

Photo: Michael Kitces

Photo: Tim Johnson

Photo: Michael Meister

Photo: Janell Haski-Gonzales

Photo: Janet Sims

Photo: Bonnie Carver

Following this tragedy, a nation came together to help those affected and support those who risk their lives every day.

Memorial in Tucson.

Fire engine honors Prescott 19 in Pagosa Springs, Co.

Firemen collecting donations for Yarnell victims in Leadville Co. Photo: Nicole Kearn

4th of July parade float in rememberance of the Granite Mountain Hot Shot crew in Hornick, Ia. Photo: Ron Klemme

The tragedy inspired many to make their own memorials and show their gratitude and respect.

Photo: Nicole Woods Sisk

Photo: Tim Johnson

Photo: Jason Teri-Harrington

Drawing by Randall Jordan

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