Dec 2, 2013 2:01 PM

PHOTOS: Rare weather blankets Grand Canyon

GRAND CANYON - Rare weather gave Grand Canyon visitors are once-in-a-decade treat. Check out these photos of a temperature inversion.

From the Grand Canyon's Facebook page:

"The canyon gave us a second rare inversion in three days. Freezing fog dominated yesterday and is reflected in great patterns on this Kaibab Limestone. By the end of the day the sun was able to burn it all away no doubt making many first time visitors very happy."
  • Friday morning, the gorges of the Grand Canyon were filled with fog in a rare temperature inversion
  • A temperature inversion happens when hot air high up acts as a seal to keep cold air pollution and fog trapped below
  • While inversions happen once or twice a year at the Grand Canyon, a full inversion is more unusual, happening closer to every 10 years


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