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Jan 26, 2012 7:11 PM

Petition to Bring MAS Suspended Books Back to Students

TUCSON - Signatures just keep pouring in on an online petition showing outrage that the Tucson Unified School District pulled its Mexican American Studies books off school shelves.

TUSD recently pulled seven books from the shelves since MAS classes no longer exist.

Teachers are upset the books aren't in the classroom even though they can still be found in several school libraries.

TUSD teachers have filed an online petition in protest.

More than 13 thousand signatures have been collected.

The petition was made on, a website that claims success for persuading Bank of America to remove its five dollar fee, and teachers hope this petition does the trick.

The TUSD spokeswoman Cara Rene said the books are available in the school's libraries.

"Just having one or two copies does not constitute having it available for the students," said Norma Gonzalez who started the petition.

Gonzalez said if the books were not banned, they should be readily available to students.

"They may not be available to everybody at the moment, so of course you have to be put on a waiting list or make those requests," said Rene.

Rene said it's possible the district could release more books to the library if the number of books already there does not meet demand. tells us every time someone signs the petition, an email is sent out to the target audience, which in this case is the school board.


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