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Jan 4, 2012 6:08 PM

Pet Vet: Indoor or outdoor cat?

TUCSON - Should your cat be an indoor or outdoor cat?

Some people think cats need the freedom to roam, while others say indoor cats have a longer life span and better health. The decision is, of course, yours.

On today's Pet Vet, our contributing veterinarian, Randy Aronson, stopped by to talk about this choice. He says the difference in lifespan between an indoor car and his outdoor counterpart is amazing.

"On average, an indoor cat lives twelve years but some cats can live for as many as twenty years," he said. "In comparison, an outdoor cat's life expectancy is less than five years."

Some of the dangers of living outdoors include:

Birds of prey, like hawks and owls, coyotes, automobiles, cacti and their spines, pesticides, spoiled food, poisonous plants, and intentional poisonings.

How do you keep your pet from getting too fat and staying healthy?

Randy says:

Outdoor enclosure, grain-free, low glycemic diet, drink well, exercise, like laser pointer, catnip, toys, leash and harness for walks, feed only 1/3 cup total, multi and essential fats, and yearly vet exams.


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