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Aug 20, 2014 8:44 PM by Lupita Murillo

PCSD re-arrests a mom suspected of burglary

TUCSON- A new development in the case of the Tucson couple deputies say committed crimes with their family in tow.

Just after her jail release on Tuesday, the mom, Shannon Spooner, was re-arrested.

Pima County Sheriff's detectives served a search warrant on Spooner's east side home last night and found stolen items taken from at least two burglaries.

She was first arrested Monday when detectives say they caught her and her husband, Sonny Conrad, in the middle of an east side burglary.

Both were charged with burglary and child abuse, because they had two kids with them.

The couple's toddler and Conrad's 15-year-old son, who's also charged with burglary.

PCSD spokesman Tom Peine said detectives found "computers, an I pad, a hard drive, ID's, and there was also some jewelry that was seized."

Also found, an item that had a unique ID etched into it . The etching is a service the Sheriff's Auxiliary Volunteers offers to residents. In this case, it belonged to someone who lived in the city limits.

"Tucson police was notified and they said yes, sure enough this person is a victim in a burglary case," Peine said.

Detectives also searched the car Shannon Spooner was driving when they were busted on Monday. It is also the car that was caught on surveillance video in July at another burglary.

Christopher Wallin lives across from the burglary suspects. He was shocked to hear about Monday's arrest that led to the search warrant.

"He took his child to a break in, oh my God. His son did not seem like he would do something like that," Wallin said.

So now, detectives have to go through all the items they seized to try and determine who owns them and if they will be adding charges.


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