Mar 17, 2014 7:17 PM

Paul Cicala 's 'Vegas trip' on Jimmy Fallon tonight

TUCSON - Don't worry, everyone. Paul Cicala is OK.

If you missed the epic spill during the newscast Friday, here it is:

Cicala was reporting live in front of the MGM Grand just as the Cats were about to tip off Friday.

His sprint to the arena was interrupted with a trip, which of course was broadcast live to the viewing audience. An enterprising News 4 viewer posted the fall on YouTube.

As of Monday, the video had over 350,000 views. From there, it was picked up by the likes of Huffington Post, the Today show and the Bleacher Report. Cicala will even appear on The Jimmy Fallon Show Monday night.

Cicala takes it all in stride, though.

"The things journalists do to make deadline- gotta hustle," he tweeted later.

Make sure to catch his gaffe tonight on Jimmy Fallon!


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