Apr 2, 2012 6:23 PM

Patterson responds to Ethics Committee claims

PHOENIX - Investigators for the Arizona House Ethics Committee are recommending that Tucson Democrat Daniel Patterson be expelled from the House - he claims he has never done anything unethical.

The investigators were hired after fellow lawmakers filed a complaint stemming from allegations of domestic violence, but their report released Monday by the House covers a wider array of allegations and topics.

Click here to view the complete Ethic Committee report in .PDF format.

Patterson claims he was given a copy late last night and has not even read it yet.

"It is a violation of House Ethics Committee Rule number 15 and my due process rights by releasing this report without being given time to read it or comment on it," Patterson told News 4 Tucson today in a phone interview. "The ‘investigators' are lawyers who have business ties to political parties."

The investigators conclude Patterson has exhibited offensive and unprofessional behavior at the Legislature, that he may have violated court orders, and that he has said he uses marijuana.

The report also claims that a statement posted to the Facebook page of Georgette Escobar, an alleged victim of domestic violence by Patterson, recanting the allegations against Patterson was, in fact, penned and posted by Patterson himself.

"Sounds like wild speculation," Patterson said, adding that the report's claim is not true.

The report also cites a statement attributed to an unidentified lobbyist that Patterson indicated he would trade his vote on legislation in exchange for sex.

News 4 Tucson's Brandon Gunnoe is investigating this report now - he'll have a full report on News 4 Tucson this evening.


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