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Sep 7, 2012 8:13 PM by Lupita Murillo

Pac 12 games not available on satellite, Wildcat fans upset

TUCSON - If you want to watch U of A's sold out game on TV you should check with your service provider. Apparently Dish Network and Direct TV are still working on deals with the Pac 12 to carry the games.

Sir Veza's is just one of many sports bars in town that carries Direct TV's NFL sports package. A popular source for College Football. However, there's an issue concerning Pac 12 coverage on Saturday.

Ray Flores owns Sir Veza's he says, "It absolutely hurts our business it's a sold out game, luckily we have a Sir Veza's at the mall at Fan Fiesta. We can't show the game on Saturday because we have a relationship with Direct TV."

If you have Cox Cable, you're able watch the game but for Direct TV or Dish subscribers you're out of luck. Flores says, he will do everything he can to get the game on for his customers.

"If it's out there somewhere and we can grab it, we're going to get it. But we can't jeopardize our Direct TV NFL pkg over this. We'd like to have both."

Chris Shinohara is concerned about how this is going to affect his tailgating plans. "We like to watch all the different games and sometimes we have people who don't even have tickets and we have big screen TV set up on the side of the RV's as we are tailgating, and we use Dish Network to get all the pictures."

Ray Montano another Wildcat fan says, " We're really upset that we're not going to get to watch the game because we are Direct TV customers."


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