Jul 11, 2014 9:39 PM by Sam Salzwedel

Oro Valley Councilmember faces two felony charges

ORO VALLEY - A Town Council member is charged with 2 felonies after a fight with his wife.

Brendan Burns is going through a divorce. On May 20, he entered their home, which is a violation of a court order, according to his wife's report to the police.

He said he was moving back in. At one point, he went to the kitchen, grabbed a knife and pointed it at his own stomach. He grabbed her hand and told her to kill him. She said he did not threaten her, according to the reports.

He is charged with Burglary in the First Degree and Disorderly Conduct, Domestic Violence.
Burns' wife did not report that incident until May 29, when they got in another argument.

May 29, he came to pick up their 3 children. He got upset she had changed the locks on the house. He said he was going to rip them out when he returned. He took the children in her minivan because it already had carseats. Then he sent her a picture message of the vehicle which was severely scratched. He wrote that somebody had keyed her car. She called police and an officer talked to him at the park where he had taken the children. When asked if the vehicle was in that condition when he drove away, he told the officer he would rather not talk about it. The County Prosecutor's Office is not pursuing charges in that case because there is probably not enough evidence for a conviction, according to Oro Valley Police reports.

After that incident, his wife filed an order of protection that does not allow Burns to have contact with her or their 3 children. He also cannot go to the home or the children's schools.

Burns was already facing misdemeanor domestic violence charges from several months earlier.
The couple met in college at Notre Dame, and they got married in 2002, according to Burns' biography on the Oro Valley website.

The home they own in Oro Valley is for sale, according to public records.

He has been staying with a family member outside of Oro Valley town limits, according to reports.
His term expires November 2016.


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