Nov 19, 2012 5:17 PM by Victor L. Villa

Online job offer scam uses civilians to launder stolen property, officials say

TUCSON - There is a new scam that is using innocent civilians to launder items bought with stolen credit cards, according to officials with the Sierra Vista Police Department.

The SVPD has taken many reports about this new scam recently, and they are advising civilians to be extremely cautious when they do business online.

The scam uses Craigslist to advertise openings for package sorter, regional courier and logistics "jobs." People who reply to this ad contact an "employer" who sends the individual a contract and job description. Once that person is "hired" they start receiving packages to inspect. The individual then resends these packages to a new address, which is usually overseas.

This keeps the scammer from being involved with the process and successfully launders the merchandise, according to a news release from the SVPD. To top it off, the "employee" is never paid.

The Sierra Vista Police Department advises that civilians research any online job they are thinking of accepting and to contact either the local law enforcement or the Better Business Bureau to ensure they are not being taken advantage of.


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