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Aug 6, 2012 9:49 AM

Olympic hopefuls take aim for the gold in Tucson

TUCSON-Archery is an Olympic sport where a difference in millimeters can determine whether or not an athlete gets the gold, silver, or bronze.

It's a difficult sport that requires deep concentration and there's a place right here in Tucson where archers with Olympic dreams can learn how to hit that bulls-eye.

Fifteen-year-old Hunter Westberg trains five to six days a week at Precision Shooting Equipment.

It's a facility on the city's West side that manufactures archery equipment and it also serves as a training facility for Olympic hopefuls like Westberg. She hopes to make it to the 2016 games.

"It's just a goal of mine," Westberg says. "I think it would be a lot of fun and I want to go really bad."

"We have people training here almost constantly because of our climate and the quality of our facility and our coaching," PSE Engineer David Kronengold says.

In fact, the News 4 Tucson crew stopped by as two Venezuelan archers were training, before heading off to London. Their coach is Alexander Kirillov, who also coached two archers who competed in London last week on Team USA, Miranda Leek and Jennifer Nichols.

Kronengold designed the bow Nichols used in competition. "It's a very mental sport," Kronengold says. "They need to have their brain in the right place because if they get a little distracted that's the difference between shooting a 10 at the target and something that wont score as well."

So far Westberg is on the right track, taking aim for the gold one day at a time. "I'm thinking about just making sure my form is what it should be and just trying to get it in the middle," Westberg says.


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