Jul 3, 2012 1:35 AM

Nursing home fire

TUCSON - A fire Monday Night at a nursing home, not far from Northwest Hospital led to seven people being evacuated.

None of the residents were injured, and all returned to their rooms within an hour, except for a 78-year-old woman, whose room was damaged by smoke.

Northwest Fire District officials say her floor unit air conditioner malfunctioned, filling her room with smoke as she slept.

An alert staff member at Life Care Center Tucson saw the smoke, and they got the woman to safety, along with six others down the hall.

Because the building is some 30 years old, fire officials tell News4 Tucson that smoke detectors were not installed in individual rooms, but the hallway smoke detector did activate once the staff member opened the door.

Captain Adam Goldberg with Northwest Fire District said, "We were very fortunate that the staff member was able to recognize, see the smoke and act according to get us here quick enough that this fire didn't spread."

Fire Officials say the 78 year old was evaluated and was not injured.

Maintenance crews will now inspect every air conditioning unit on the property.


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