Jul 24, 2012 8:44 PM

Northwest side residents clean up after fierce monsoon storm

TUCSON - Monday night's storm wreaked havoc on the Northwest side of town. Joe Blomn's mobile home, as well as his grandfather's, was severely damaged.

"I looked over here and saw his porch was gone so I called him right away and asked if he was ok. The first thing I thought was their house was blowing away and I hope they're ok"

His grandfather, Joe Blomn Senior, said his deck awning couldn't hold up against the fierce wind.

"I was looking out on the back porch and I saw the awning lifting up and it went and it landed in the big tree in front of the house."

Marissa and Lance Recht, who live next door, were speechless when they came home today to see their porch had been ripped from their house and their car had been completely crushed by falling debris.

"I just had surgery a week ago and can't lift more than 8 pounds. My husband had surgery 2 weeks ago. It's been one thing after another. I didn't think it could get any worse but I guess it always can," Marissa said.

The Red Cross is currently helping them, but with a newborn baby, it hasn't been easy. For now, they're trying to take it day by day.

"All we did was try to get what we needed out so we can at least survive."


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