Jun 14, 2012 10:58 AM

Northwest Fire's critical responders on their way to New Mexico

TUCSON - A stress-management team that assisted in the Isabel Celis case is now on its way to New Mexico.

A critical response unit from Northwest Fire is heading to the Whitewater-Baldy complex fire in western New Mexico, to help with the emotional challenges facing families who lost homes, and firefighters who are battling the largest wildfire in New Mexico's history.

This team of health professionals is led by Dr. Cynthia Dowdall, and responds to critical incidents to assist with the mental health and well being of victims, as well as first responders during crises.

The team recently addressed counseling needs at the Academy of Tucson, after Isabel Celis was reported missing.

The length of deployment has not been determined, but the team will stay as long as there is a need.


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