Jul 2, 2012 8:04 PM

Nogales, Sonora elects new mayor

NOGALES, Mexico - The city of Nogales, Sonora has a new mayor from a new party. Ramon Guzman Munoz was elected Sunday. He is a member of the Institutional Revolutionary Party known as PRI. A member of the National Action Party, known as PAN, currently holds the seat.

Guzman says he is excited and looking forward to his new role. The attorney and businessman once served on the city council in Nogales, Sonora but knows this role will be much different.

Speaking in Spanish, he said the election is a win for both cities because the two communities have many similarities. Guzman said he would work with officials on both sides of the border to create unity and form strong partnerships.

Nils Urman, who lives in Nogales, Arizona and has businesses and properties met Guzman on Monday and said, "I think the business community works together at different levels here in our community and so the opportunity for our two local governments to continue to work together will help both communities in the long run."

Guzman will take office on September 16th, Mexico's Independence Day.

Pictured: Mayor-elect Guzman (center) celebrates his victory


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