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Aug 18, 2012 8:45 PM by Erika Flores

Nogales family coping with aftermath of storm

NOGALES-Imagine eating breakfast inside your home, and then all of a sudden you hear a 100-year-old tree rip from its roots and inch towards your home.

The storm that brought more than four inches of rain in less than 24 hours did just that.

The Morales family is devastated by what has happened, but they said they feel blessed that they all made it out safe and sound.
"We were in here and then all of a sudden, we hear a loud bang on the roof," said Maria Morales.

When Morales saw what was coming their way, she said she grabbed her mom and took her outside to safety.

"It was a very scary moment...very scary," she said.

That experience now has neighbors getting to work on their trees.

"That's why we're cutting down these trees so that nothing bad will happen to the people in those houses," said a neighbor.

This tree was in another neighbor's yard, and as it got soaked with water, it just kept tipping over until it couldn't stand any longer.

Now, they're concerned the tree could fall into the street or cause more damage to the home.

For now, the family is staying at a hotel.

"We just got out with whatever we had on," said Rosario Morales, the owner of the home.

They said their insurance company told them they'd have to wait until Monday for an adjuster to assess the damage.

"We are frustrated and mad because then what are the insurances for?" said Rosario.

Allstate tells us they are assessing the situation as best they can with the resources they have.

This is their complete statement:

"Although Allstate protects the privacy of our customers and upholds a privacy policy that does not discuss customers specifically, we can discuss our process in situations such as this. Allstate has claims personnel and customer service groups who specialize in these situations and work 24-hours everyday to assist our customers. Allstate reviews urgent claims situations and we are confident in our prompt response procedure, which includes multiple attempts to call the customer and understand the resources they need. Immediately after a loss, customers are able to hire a vendor or Allstate can help them find a vendor to address their repairs. In most cases, additional living expense checks can be issued to customers who are displaced from their homes during the repair process. All of these steps can be taken prior to an adjuster assessing the property, especially if the situation is urgent. Customers should remember to take photos of the damage and save all repair expense receipts. If a customer has questions on the proper steps to take, we encourage them to call their Allstate agent or 1-800-ALLSTATE."

The family said they hope soon they can once again call this damaged house their home.


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