Jun 16, 2014 10:29 PM by Lauren Reimer

Nogales BP station remains closed to most visitors, including religious leaders

NOGALES - Congressman Raul Grijalva visited the youth detention facility in Nogales, a converted border patrol warehouse, where hundreds of migrant children are being held after illegally crossing the border without parents.

Most of the kids are from Central America, who were picked up by the Border Patrol in Texas.

Grijalva wasn't the only one who went to the facility, two buses full of children also came.

News 4 Tucson was able to catch a glimpse of these undocumented children for the very first time as they entered the building.

These continuous arrivals have attracted the attention Arizona congressman Raul Grijalva. He made the trip to Nogales on Monday with several religious leaders at his side. But when they got here, they were stopped at the door and only Grijalva was allowed to continue with the tour. In a show of solidarity, he refused to go inside.

"We came under the very secure understanding that we were all going to go in and had an in-depth tour of the facility not just certain parts," said Grijalva.

"It's very disappointing because people of faith are very concerned about what's happening to these children and the people were hopeful that there would be a little bit of access," said Rev. Alison Harrington with Southside Presbyterian Church.

The group plans to try and visit the center again in the next few days.


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