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Aug 1, 2012 10:06 PM

No fail grade policy flunks out with TUSD

TUCSON - A no fail high school?

A proposed new grading policy at Pueblo High School was going to eliminate the possibility of flunking an assignment and even cheaters would get a do over.

The proposal was authored by Pueblo High School Principal Vivi Watt. In an email, Watt told her teachers the school had adopted a "no-zero" grade scale. Basically it said that scores lower than 50 no longer existed.

The directives also included allowing students with a "D" or "F" on an assignment to be given a "do over". Also assignments that could not be counted because of plagiarism and/or cheating would be given another chance.

According to TUSD Assistant Superintendent Abel Morado the new policy was short lived when earlier today TUSD took action.

"We stepped in and I began to work with the principal on those types of issues", he said, "and so the grading policy at Pueblo will be the same as it is at our other high schools."

TUSD board member Mark Stegeman believes students should be challenged and an enabling grade policy is not he way to improve education.

"It's almost disrespecting the kids, it's like saying we don't think your capable of doing it without cheating or performing at a high level, I think that is bad for kids self esteem."

The current grading system used throughout the school district is based on a 100 point scale and yes, zeros are possible.


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