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Jul 10, 2012 9:00 PM

News 4 Tucson's Kristi's Kids School Supplies Drive at full speed

TUCSON - Kids need the right tools to succeed in school. However basic items many of us took for granted when we went to school are no longer supplied.

That's why we teamed with the Tucson Association of Realtors and launched the News 4 Tucson's Kristi's Kids School Supplies Drive.

This week we see what educators from Vail and Amphi are in need of.

"We have seen a very sharp and drastic reduction in soft capital for all schools across Arizona," explains John Carruth, Assistant Superintendent of the Vail School District. "Soft capital items which produce things like consumables, paper, pens, pencils has been removed."

This impacts the entire classroom rather than just one or two students whose family might be struggling.

"Trying to get pencils for kids to have them available, that's always something that's needed. Markers. Colored pencils."

Fifth-grade teacher Tara Hudson in the Vail district knows the frustration.

"You end up having kids share something or you have to do a plan B."

Kids notice these distractions and that takes away from learning.

Copy paper is always in demand.

"Colored paper. Even just colored copy paper is always a bonus and we get really excited when can use colored paper."

Staffers over at the Amphi district are already collecting items at the district office.

Basics you'd expect to see are on the list.

"Pens, pencils, loose leaf paper, spiral note books. Glue sticks," says Todd Jaeger, Associate to the Superintendent at Amphi.

Kristi's Kids is learning something new is needed this year.

"Small flash drives that kids could use to take home work assignments and work product to and from school," says Jaeger.

You can find those flash drives at Walgreen's.

For more information about the Kristi's Kids News 4 Tucson School Supplies Drive click here.


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