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Aug 28, 2012 10:09 PM by Lupita Murillo

News 4 Tucson's jailhouse interview is key evidence in murder trial

TUCSON-The murder trial of Michael Carlson continued Tuesday with the defense presenting its case.

Police arrested Carlson in June of 2009. He was charged with killing his neighbors Kenneth Alliman and Becky Lofton. Prosecutors say, he gunned them down then burned their bodies.

Today in court, the main focus was an exclusive jail house interview Michael Carlson gave News 4 Tucson in June of 2009.

Jurors watched that video. In it, he says, "I have no compassion, I have no sympathy, I have no mercy for child molesters and child abusers, because as I've said, they're the most innocent of this world." Carlson is referring to children, and those who commit crimes against them.

This is the second time jurors watched the interview, which is playing a key role in both the prosecution and in the defense. The state played only the parts where Carlson admits to gunning down his neighbors, and then burning their bodies.

This morning, the defense played the entire interview, thinking it would give the jury some sympathy for Carlson.

Carlson says, "Maybe to some I am monster, but I don't see myself as a monster. I hurt just as much anybody does. I feel the pain that everybody else feels - my heart being ripped out, and like I said, when I see a child or hear a child I cry on the inside because I feel that child's pain."

He also says in the interview he should be held accountable for what he's done.

Judge Rich Nichols read to the jury a stipulation from the defense about the murders Carlson said he'd committed. The legal document says investigators found nothing.

Closing arguments are expected to begin tomorrow .


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