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Jun 20, 2012 3:24 PM

News 4 Cooks: Fat Tire Beer Battered Fish

TUCSON - Today on News 4 Tucson at Noon, Jack Ahern from Ric's Café stopped by to make a classic beer-battered fish dish for "News 4 Cooks!"

Here's the recipe:

Fat Tire Beer Battered Fish

Ingredients for Beer Batter

2 (12oz) Fat Tire Beers
4 Eggs
2 C All Purpose Flour
1 t Baking Powder
¼ t Salt
1/8 t Black Pepper
Instructions for Beer Batter
Combine all ingredients above in a medium size bowl with a Wisk. The consistency should be a little thinner than pancake batter. Set aside until ready to fry fish.

Ingredients for Fish Prep
4 (8oz) Portions of Cod or Catfish
1 C All Purpose Flour
Add Salt & Pepper for Taste.
Heat oil (peanut or shortening oil) to 350 degrees using a candy thermometer.

Instructions for Fish Prep
Mix flour, salt and pepper together. Once mixed, add fish covering both sides. Mix well and shake to remove excess flour.

Frying Instructions
Place fish in beer batter, use tongs to remove fish. Place fish in hot frying oil. Fry fish for 4-5 minutes (until golden brown) on each side. Remove from pan and serve with french fries, coleslaw and tartar sauce and or malt vinegar/lemon wedge.


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