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Sep 3, 2011 12:52 AM

New speed cameras expected in Pima County

TUCSON - More speed cameras are coming to Pima County. The county is planning to install as many as 13 cameras throughout the county, with a significant portion on the Northwest side. However, studies will be done before the cameras are ever turned on.

"Based on studies that will be done after the construction is completed, with a consultation of the sheriff's office, and the decision will be made whether to erect the camera and activate it," said Pima County Assistant County Administrator Lindy Funkhouser.

Of the 13 different spots the county's currently considering, nine are on the Northwest side, three are on the Southside, and one is on the East side.

The roads involve widening or straightening.

"I think it's a good idea. People out here do drive crazy so I do think it's a good idea," said Tucson resident Linda Brown.

Others are not so keen on the idea.

"I don't always think they are accurate and fair and it seems like there is no recourse. It's an automatic fine," said Tucson resident, Daryl Brewer.

A $200 fine If you get caught speeding.

"That's a bit outrageous for speeding," said Brown.

It costs $20,000 to install each camera and the county says they bring in around $800,000 a year in profit.

The county says this affects only 15% of the population, those who drive 10 miles above the speed limit.

"I think it's that 15% that are being asked to help fund more traffic safety for the 85% percent who don't go that fast," said Funkhouser.

The county says it is not about profit, it is about safety.

"As long as people don't speed, we don't make any money. We're just as happy if that's the way it goes," said Funkhouser.

The current candidate locations for photo enforcement cameras in Pima County are:
1) La Cholla, Ruthrauff to River, located south of Curtis
2) Tanque Verde, Catalina Hwy to Houghton Rd., east of Catalina Hwy
3) La Canada (North), Ina to Calle Concordia, located north of Magee Rd.
4) La Canada (South), River to Ina, located north of Roller Coaster Rd., construction
starts late 2011
5) Cortaro Farms-Magee, Mona Lisa to La Canada
6) Cortaro Farms-Magee, Thornydale to Mona Lisa - construction starts October, 2011,
7) Cortaro Farms-Magee, La Canada to Oracle - construction starts May 2011,
8) La Cholla, Magee to Overton - construction starts January 2012
9) Valencia (West), Mark to Wade, to be evaluated
10) Valencia (East), Alvernon to Wilmot, to be evaluated
11) Valencia (East), Wilmot to Kolb, to be evaluated
12) Orange Grove, Camino de la Tierra to San Joaquin, to be evaluated
13) Orange Grove, La Canada to Oracle, to be evaluated


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