Aug 10, 2012 12:11 AM

New report shows Loughner's mental state

TUCSON - A new report revealing details behind January 8th shooter, Jared Loughner's mental state in the last year and a half since the tragedy. The 11 page report was submitted by Dr. Christina Pietz, the psychologist who evaluated and treated Jared Loughner during his time at a Missouri federal prison.

The report describes vivid details of Loughner's mental state of January 8th. According to the report, "On February 2, 2012, Mr. Loughner began attending a competency restoration group. By April 24, 2012 he had attended nine sessions."

"During the sixth session, he told the group leader that defendants often accept plea arrangements to receive a less severe penalty."

Dr. Pietz wrote, "He indicated a desire for a favorable outcome but acknowledged he would most likely be sentenced to life in prison."

Until January of this year, Dr.Pietz wrote, Loughner still believed that he had killed Gifford's. And when he finally admitted that she was alive, he was disappointed. When pietz questioned him about what disappointed him he answered,

"I failed. I'm not an assassin. That I ruined my life for nothing. I think differently now. (...) It's another failure if she's alive. Jared loughner failed again. He's a failure. So all of this would be for nothing."

Joel Dvoskin is a forensic psychologist who was in the courtroom on Tuesday. He heard Dr. Pietz's hour long testimony, and now has read her report.

"Dr. Pietz did a really good job of being empathetic without being excusing of what he did," he said. "But still trying to do a good job of understanding his psychology his feelings and his thinking what it's like to be him in this moment in time."

The report also says Loughner considered ten seconds of the Safeway shooting footage as a fake.

Loughner is back in Missouri continuing his treatment. He will return to Tucson on November 15, for sentencting.


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