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Sep 22, 2011 8:04 PM

New PCC admission requirements

TUCSON - Pima Community College is hoping new admissions standards will improve academic success, especially when it comes to prospective students.

Starting next summer, PCC says incoming students will need to meet new requirements to be admitted.

"Any student taking college-level work needs to have a high school diploma or GED and can show that they are prepared already for college level work," Provost Dr. Suzanne Miles said.

Miles said many students are showing difficulty when it comes to basic skills, so in order to meet the new requirements, a program called Pathways to Pima will start next spring to help prospective students reach at least a seventh grade level before they can be admitted to PCC.

"The student is then not forced to take a full course in math, a full course in reading - but just work in the areas where they need some help," Miles said.

Miguel Angel Rodriguez is one high school student who is hoping to benefit from this program in the future.

"With this program, I'm really hoping that it can help me with my organizational skills, so it can further my academics and I don't have to worry about doing homework so much," Rodriguez said.


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