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Jul 11, 2014 10:22 PM by Kristi Tedesco

New funding provides day care assistance to 2,160 Arizona families

PHOENIX - The Department of Economic Security announced Friday that it released 4,000 children from the DES Child Care Administration's Priority Waiting List as a result of funds made available in the special session that created the new Department of Child Safety.

The provisions required DES to use funds to serve additional low income working families, resulting in a partial release of the Child Care Priority Waiting List.

This will impact some 2,160 families in Arizona.

All families currently on the waiting list that are categorized as Special Circumstances due to their residing in a homeless or domestic violence shelter or who need care due to a temporary medical condition will be released from the waiting list first. They will receive a notice in the mail informing them of this change in status. Released families should contact their Child Care Administration office with their Child Care Provider selection and verification of their eligibility. Once eligibility is confirmed, they can receive financial assistance with child care costs.

The DES Child Care Administration offers Child Care Assistance programs that serve low-income families who are working, participating in education and training activities; are teen parents in high school; or GED classes or are unable/unavailable to provide care for their own children for a portion of the day due to a medical condition or special circumstance. At times, the number of families that have applied and are eligible for these programs is greater than the amount of funds available. A statewide Priority Waiting List was developed to notify eligible families when openings are available.

Those not subject to the Priority Waiting List include:
• TANF/Cash Assistance participants who need child care for employment or participation in the Jobs program
• Former TANF/Cash Assistance participants eligible for Transitional Child Care Assistance for employment
• Families referred to Child Care Assistance by the Department of Child Safety.

The Priority Waiting List continues to remain in place. New applicants for Child Care Assistance will be placed on the Priority Waiting List if they do not meet the exceptions.

For more information, please contact your local Child Care Assistance office.

A list of offices can be found on the DES website.


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