Apr 25, 2014 7:09 PM by Matt Fernandez

New flexible posts will protect downtown bike lanes

TUCSON - Tucson's first separated bike lane is nearly complete.

Crews installed 48 of the flexible posts along St. Mary's between I-10 and Main. The project cost around $5,000.

It is part of a pilot program by the city, one of the ways they are looking to improve safety for cyclists sharing the road with cars.

"This is a really popular connection; a lot people are trying to get west of the freeway to UA and downtown and that was another reason why we chose this area," says Bicycle & Pedestrian Program Manager Ann Chanecka.

Cyclist Nick tanner uses the bike lanes on the roads all the time. He says he really likes the idea of a barrier between the cars and cyclists.

He says even though some of his friends were riding in the bike lane in Tucson they still were hit by a car.

"One of them was a girl she actually ended up biting her tongue and had a huge gash in her tongue, and it was pretty nasty and her bike was ruined. The other was a guy and his bike got destroyed," says Tanner.

Tanner says with more barriers that could have prevented those accidents, and he thinks this will help prevent future ones.

"Here is a visual cue to where the bike lane is, so maybe they will be mindful of that,"says Tanner.

The city says it will be studying how these flexible posts work for the next six months to a year.

"We are going to be evaluating this and monitoring it and see how it does for potential future installations," says Chanecka.


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