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Jun 16, 2010 12:44 AM

New details released in Robert Krentz murder investigation

COCHISE COUNTY - Never before released documents detail what happened to rancher Robert Krentz.

The 58 year old was found shot to death on his Cochise County property March 27th.

Almost 3 months ago, investigators found footprints at the scene and traced them 20 miles into Mexico, but so far, no arrests.

Krentz was last heard over radio he told his brother he had come upon a group of illegal migrants and asked him to call Border Patrol.

The last words his brother heard were ‘illegal and hurt'.

It's a case that has received national attention.

Some of the 54 page report has been redacted to preserve details of the investigation.

But parts not blacked out, paint a clearer picture of what happened the morning of March 27th.

The report says Krentz was found 13 hours after his last radio contact with his brother.

Attempts to track Krentz's location using GPS from his cell phone were unsuccessful. Verizon had trouble getting a ‘ping' signal possibly due to sparcity of cell towers in the area.

Just before midnight, a DPS helicopter spotted Krentz, his ATV was still running, with headlights and taillights on.

Documents show Krentz was shot in another location, about 1100 feet from where his ATV came to a final stop.

There are also new details about a single set of shoe prints believed to be the gunman's, found at the shooting scene.

News 4 has exclusive photos of that shoe print. The report says those same tracks were found at a water tank, used for cattle, located five miles from the shooting scene.

One investigator's report states "the suspect likely knelt down, as if to drink water, the tracks then went south in the direction of Mexico."

Krentz's dog, Blue was also shot. The papers show he stayed by his owner's side, but had to be euthanized, because of his injuries.


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