Tragedy in Tucson - Time to Heal

Apr 12, 2011 2:46 PM

New album honors, supports victims of Jan. 8 tragedy

TUCSON - Twenty-six musical groups representing 117 artists collaborated to produce "Can We Get Together?", a benefit album to support the victims of the January 8 shooting, which releases today.

"We are so honored to take part in something that will help some of the lives that were affected," said Danielle Crosby of Compose the Octave. "Our thoughts and prayers have been with the victims and their families since that awful day."

Other artists include members of the Tucson Girls Chorus, grades 9-12, who sang on the title track and their own performance of "Puddles," an original song dedicated to the memory of Christina Taylor Green, according to a release from the Pima County Attorney's Office.

"The Tucson Girls Chorus is proud to represent youth and be the sounding voice of girls just like Christina Green," said choral director Marcela Molina. "Puddles" is a reference to a quote from Christina Taylor Green in "Faces of Hope," a book about children born on September 11. In it, she states her hopes for children growing up today, one of them being, "I hope you jump in rain puddles."

The album spans a wide range of genres and artists, from jazz to mariachi to country to rap, with many songs written in direct response to the January 8 tragedy.

"Once we heard the news... some of us cried, some of us were angry," said Rush Urbalejo of the punk rock band Wax 78. "Then a wonderful thing happened. We began to realize that as diverse as Tucson is, we are all part of this community. We began to come together for a single cause - helping those that were affected by the tragedy."

The net proceeds from the album will go to benefit the Tucson Together Fund, the only officially-sanctioned fund to assist victims, families and witnesses of the tragedy.

"It is my sincere desire that when people listen to the music on this CD, they will remember those who were lost. And just as a melody is not forgotten after the music ceases, neither will these lives be forgotten," said classical guitarist David Rose.

The album can be purchased directly from the website below, on iTunes, or at various locations around Tucson. For a complete list of artists involved and other information, visit:

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