Nov 27, 2012 7:19 PM by Nathan O'Neal

National Campaign urges charitable donations for 'Giving Tuesday'

TUCSON - Move over Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it's 'Giving Tuesday'.

Now that we've made it through the biggest shopping days of the year, a national campaign fueled by social media is urging local organizations to take the day's focus from holiday shopping to giving back to the community.

A Golden Eagle was found in the desert, just inches from death, unable to fly and dehydrated. He's been at the Tucson Wildlife Center since October. This eagle is just one of hundreds of animals nursed back to health every year at this animal rehab center.

However, the cost of caring for these animals is huge, costing about $600 per day to run the center and care for all the animals.

The Wildlife Center is just one local organization that's hoping that folks will take a break from busting their wallets on holiday deals and open up their pocketbooks on "Giving Tuesday" to help out and make a donation to a charity trying to improve lives.

"We're familiar with Black Friday, we're familiar with Cyber Monday and now we have a ‘Giving Tuesday'," said Sheila Chonis of the Tucson Wildlife Center.

The center is operated off charitable donations and the animals are cared for entirely by volunteers.

While they have already received an anonymous $10,000 donation, they're hoping to match that amount with the "Giving Tuesday" trend.

"Many people are focused on giving and people who can't come and volunteer on a regular basis, that's one they can way they can help," said Joan Cass, a volunteer at the center. "A lot of people just want to know what they can do.

You can find out more about making donations at http://tucsonwildlife.com/

Find the link to the national campaign here: http://Givingtuesday.org/


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