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Feb 25, 2014 10:03 AM by Ryan Haarer

More identity thieves filing false tax returns

TUCSON - You'll know you've been cheated when you get a notice from the IRS saying a return process already started in your name. It often starts online with suspicious websites that aren't what they seem.

"We see the phishing scams where you get an unsolicited e-mail saying you have a refund or that your pay pal account is closed or that your bank shut your account. Don't click on those links. You are going to end up somewhere in cyber space you don't want to go," says IRS Special Agent, Brian Watson.

Be sure to protect yourself before you even see the link by downloading virus protection software.

Besides cyber space, be aware of any hired help. While most return preparers are reputable the IRS says there are those people out there who just want to take advantage.

Things to look out for; a return preparer who says they can give you a bigger refund than anybody else and a lot of times they haven't even seen your information. Or, any return preparer who bases their fee on a percentage of your refund."

The IRS says they have additional filters in place to combat identity theft and if you become a victim you will get your money back but it will take some time.


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