Jun 12, 2012 7:07 PM

Monument Fire, 1 Year Later: Community still coping with loss

SIERRA VISTA, Ariz. - It's been one year since the devastating Monument Fire hit Sierra Vista.

It destroyed homes and businesses, altering people's lives forever, but people weren't the only ones affected. Wildlife also felt Mother Nature's wrath particularly a group of horses who not only lost their home but their food.

Theresa Warrell is the co-founder of Horsenaround Rescue. She said, "We tease and say this used to be a grass mountain and now it's a rock mountain."

But in reality there's nothing funny about it. The fire ripped through the pasture going about nine miles an hour, leaving very little behind.

Steve Boice is the other co-founder of Horsenaround Rescue. He said, "It burnt everything. Mesquite trees, it burned the grasses up. Anything it could get a hold of to burn."

And that included one horse that volunteers couldn't get out. Boice said, "He was in this pasture. They were trying to get horses out when fire was coming but Charlie got scared and ran back into the fire and burned himself."

That loss still emotionally affects the horse lovers one year later but financially the fire is affecting them even more. Boice said, "This year we have no grass so we've had to feed a lot of hay. Way more hay than I planned on or budgeted for. Our expenses are just outrageous."

Warrell said, "The fire kind of turned our lives upside down."

But they're not giving up. They said, as bad as things look they're optimistic.
They're hoping just as Mother Nature turned things upside down, she can turns things right side up.

Boice said, "It depends on the rain. If we get a good rain we'll be in good shape."

But until then.....this non profit will just have to work with what it's got and fight for some much needed donations.

If you would like to help and make a donation go to the their website http://www.horsenaroundrescue.org/


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