Jun 28, 2012 1:33 AM

Monsoon soaks Vail and Tucson

Tucson - Much of Tucson and Vail received a good soaking.

Not enough to keep washes flowing, but enough to spill out on roads, causing a few problems.

For some, the storms energized their love of the outdoors.

Rumbles of thunder, rain and lightening electrified the city.

"It's perfect football weather, nice, cool, not super hot like it is usually," said Kanodez Gray enjoying the view from Reid Park.

He and a friend, both football players say they enjoyed every drop of rain.

"It smells like wet dirt, and its just nice and cool," describes Tucsonan Elmer Lopez

In Vail, washes filled, and roads flooded.

Drivers on Wentworth used caution, slowing to make sure the road is passable.

On Houghton some drivers turned around, finding a safer route.

Near Valencia and I-10, wind was so strong, birds were struggling to fly.

A motorcyclist pulled off the road to swap helmets, with a face shield and added a jacket.

As the sun set the rain tapered off. Many Tucsonans headed outdoors to take it in.

The two football players say they've anxiously awaited the monsoon's arrival.

"Since summer started," Lopez said.

"They were saying it was going to rain the past two days, and I was like, where is it," joked Gray.

The comment we heard multiple times today, was how incredible the monsoon smells.

If you've ever wished you could bottle it, a designer in the UK beat you to it.

There is a fragrance, called Monsoon. It came out in 2008.

Now you enjoy the scent of the monsoon year round.


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